For all those who plan to take the PMP exam in near future, here I found a useful link about the changes (post 31 August 2011) in the exam:

People have a lot of confusion over the PMP Change. Please note that the PMBOK is not changing; only the PMP exam is changing. The last date to take the current PMP Exam is 30th August 2011 and the new examination is scheduled to release on 31st August 2011. The Education and experience eligibility requirements for the PMP credential will also not change.

The exam post 31st August will still continue to be based on PMBOK 4th Edition but there will be a 30% change in the questions in the PMP examination.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) performs a Role Delineation Study, every five to seven years, to determine the role, responsibilities & duties of project managers and these are updated / incorporated in the PMP Exam. This is the reason for the change in the PMP Exam.

The major changes in the PMP Exam, scheduled from 31st August, 2011 are the incorporation of the project manager’s role vis-a-vis the Program Manager and the integration of Professional Responsibility and Ethics within the five process groups.

The role of project manager and the program manager has been clearly demarcated in that the program manager is responsible for the selection of the project and management of multiple projects while the project manager is solely responsible for all aspects of the project.

The Role Delineation Study showed that Professional and Social Responsibility is integrated into all of the work of project management and cannot be seen as separate. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct should therefore be viewed and tested as an integrated part of a project manager’s day-to-day work.

PMI will not declare the results post 31st August for a brief period.

Yes! This is true. PMI has announced that as a transition to the new exam, it would also update its examination reporting processes and therefore would take a short period of 4-6 weeks between taking the examination and declaring the results. PMI will inform you via e-mail when you can access the results on

So, for all those planning to take up the exam post 31st August, Wish you All the Best !!!