This is dedicated to my late mentor, Pak Julyan Ardianto, I would not become who I am today without his guidance. So, I just cleared my PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) exam yesterday (11 Mar. 2020) with 4 AT and 3 T.

My PMI-ACP lessons learned:

  • PMI-ACP exam is harder than I thought, it is 100% situational questions. It might be easier than PMP but not to underestimate. You really need to understand the concept of agile (sprint, spike, story point, role in scrum, etc.)
  • I took the training course from udemy by Joseph Phillips (PMI-ACP Exam Prep) in June last year, and I was planning to take the exam immediately until PMI notified me for audit which I passed. But since the process took some time I lost the moment to really prepare for the exam. Then the rest of year I was quite busy with the projects and all. So, I decided to drop the plan for a while.
  • I decided to really prepare and commit to the plan by the end February 2020. So, I spent about 1 week (everyday 4-8 hours) to study extensively and used the highly recommended book PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths.
  • For practicing I purchase from udemy from Joseph Philips (PMI-ACP Practice Exam), where Practice Test 2 was probably the closest one to the real exam.
  • I took the exam at Trainocate Indonesia, highly recommended, located very strategic in SCBD in one of nicest office buildings in Jakarta.