I feel honoured to be invited by BNI CorpU to Live Streaming on Monday, 18 May 2020 to discuss about Learning Agility to more than 4,000 BNI Hi-Movers! This is be far the biggest audience I ever had in my entire career.

We talk about how it is crucial to have growth mindset and open for a change. We are blessed to experience so many incredible things in our times, from Y2K, industry 4.0, VUCA, and this COVID-19 pandemic because we have growth mindset and willingness to adapt to so many different situations.

As for BNI Hi-Movers, it is important to embrace these changes and to become one of the first state-owned enterprises of Indonesia to be a learning organization. It is still a long journey but as agile mindset suggests, let’s start small, inspect and adapt. Don’t get trapped with fixed mindset of others, let us be the one who spread the growth mindset to our organization! Good luck and looking forward to seeing you again!

You can watch the video: https://bit.ly/learningagility1