I was given the rare opportunity by PMI Indonesia Chapter Bandung Branch to be the guest speaker in the Project Leader Seminar (Readers) with the topic: “How to Kick Start Your PMO Career in Your Early Working Stage” on 21 November 2020 with 40+ audiences coming from different universities.

We discussed about the growing demand of project management roles, job requirements, and responsibilities. I introduced the PMI Talent Triangle to let them know what it takes to be a great project manager and to avoid becoming accidental project manager. I also shared my own experience in starting my career in project management field in 6 steps:

1. Find the industry:Project manager can work in any kind of industry. Find where you want to work in!
2. Research it: Explore it, learn the technical side, maintain your relationship with your colleagues, management, and clients.
3. Take a leader role: Ask your manager to let you lead a project in your department.Convince her/him that you want to learn to take responsibility.
4. Practice makes perfect: You will make mistakes and you will learn from them as much as possible. Ask you manager to become your mentor and show her/him your positive attitude.
5. Be a real project manager: As you have learned and grown, get out of the comfort zone and find new challenges. Take a bigger projects and bigger responsibility. Share your experience with others, and up-skill your competencies.
6. Find new challenges: Find the best position as project manager in your organization. Be part of project management community. Take project management certification.

I hope that I help to clarify to the participants about project management roles and the best practice in starting and pursuing their career. Good luck, guys!

PMIIC BB Reader - Flyer

PMIIC BB Reader – Flyer