Second SOP Simulation at IYKRA


Another SOP simulation with IYKRA team on 27 Feb. 2020. While sales process can be very random, certain business process must be in place. And that's exactly what IYKRA team wanted to achieve. After assessment a while ago, we had the opportunity to sit together with sales team, to review the process flow by role-playing [...]

Second SOP Simulation at IYKRA2020-03-01T15:01:00+00:00

First SOP Simulation at IYKRA


What an awesome team! We had SOP simulation at IYKRA on 12 Feb. 2020. The goal was to find out whether the SOP is applicable and to discover efficiency as well as improvement. Each role must know exactly what he/she is responsible of! The best part was that the management team (thanks to mas Fajar [...]

First SOP Simulation at IYKRA2020-03-01T14:43:26+00:00

Kick-Off Meeting PMO Setup at IYKRA


I can't be more excited to kick-off PMO setup project at one of Indonesian startup companies with very bright future, IYKRA. The company's vision is to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Talent Ecosystem in Indonesia and it is packed with millennials that makes the project even more interesting. As IYKRA business grows, the project delivery [...]

Kick-Off Meeting PMO Setup at IYKRA2020-02-03T04:27:45+00:00