What an exciting agile training with PLN team! We had 2-day training on 21-22 December 2022 with PLN team from all over the places, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, all over Indonesia!

I know PLN as a giant corporation with bureaucracy, but the participants have completely changed my mind. They were very enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate in learning agile. They realize that it is the time to change their way of working. So we learned about agile mindset, some of the agile framework, including OKR. Certainly a lot of stuff, but as agile suggests we should start small. And more importantly, agile way of working requires to change the culture as well. This might be the biggest homework for the corporation.

I hope that the participants will be able to spread the agility within PLN to be agile. Good luck on your agile journey!