PMI-ACP Exam Prep for NTT


We had 3-day PMI-ACP Exam Preparation training for NTT Indonesia from 15-17 November 2022. Awesome team with great enthusiasm to explore agile. We had more conversation than lecture, which for me is more important for the participants. I hope they soon be ready for the exam and for agile implementation with their clients! Good luck! [...]

PMI-ACP Exam Prep for NTT2022-11-20T09:54:50+00:00

Agile Way of Working for BRI (BRILiaN Future Leader Program)


It was fantastic to finally complete my portfolio on all state-owned enterprise Banks (Bank BUMN), especially to deliver agile way of working to the future leaders of the biggest bank in Indonesia, BRI. We had 1-day Agile Way of Working training on 24 October 2022. We learned so much about the importance of being agile, [...]

Agile Way of Working for BRI (BRILiaN Future Leader Program)2022-11-20T10:07:51+00:00

Agile Project Management for Lazada Indonesia


It was always exciting to meet training participants coming from e-Commerce company. And the reason is that I would also be able to learn something new from them, which was the case during Agile Project Management training from 12-13 October 2022. We started by exploring the meaning of agile, then learn various methods of agile, [...]

Agile Project Management for Lazada Indonesia2022-10-15T13:54:19+00:00

Celebrating 3rd Anniversary for Avenew Akademi Inovasi


For celebrating 3rd Anniversary of Avenew Akademi Inovasi, I'm excited to have the golden opportunity to talk about how to deal with changes in projects using agile approach on 21 April 2022. The Differences of Agile Frameworks and Change Request within Waterfall Project

Celebrating 3rd Anniversary for Avenew Akademi Inovasi2022-04-24T03:37:35+00:00

Agile Management for BNI (ODP Batch 254-255)


Really happy to have the opportunity to talk about Agile to the 44 BNI's employees on 14 April 2022 as part of their Officer Development Program (ODP Batch 254-255). It was really fun to meet them and a great opportunity for them as well, to get to know about agile so early in their career. [...]

Agile Management for BNI (ODP Batch 254-255)2022-04-16T05:16:42+00:00