Agile Management for BNI (ODP Batch 233-234)


Really happy to have the opportunity to talk about Agile to the 40 BNI’s employees on 29 December 2020 as part of their Officer Development Program (ODP Batch 233-234). It was really fun to meet them and a great opportunity for them as well, to get to know about agile so early in their career. [...]

Agile Management for BNI (ODP Batch 233-234)2021-02-23T23:21:10+00:00

Agility in Managing Execution for PT PLN (Persero)


What an exciting agile training with PLN team! We had 2-day training on 3-4 December 2020 with PLN team from all over the places, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT, all way to Papua! I know PLN as a giant corporation with bureaucracy, but the participants have completely changed my mind. They were very enthusiastic, energetic, and [...]

Agility in Managing Execution for PT PLN (Persero)2020-12-09T03:28:57+00:00

Powerful Scrum for DBS Bank


We had 2-half day sessions of Powerful Scrum for DBS Bank organized by Avenew Indonesia on 2-3 December 2020 It was an exciting moment to discuss about agile and scrum with the participants. Despite all the scrum techniques we discussed during the sessions, we all recognize the 5 scrum values: courage, focus, commitment, respect, and [...]

Powerful Scrum for DBS Bank2020-12-09T04:01:32+00:00

Agile and Scrum for Pamapersada


I was really happy to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience to PT Pamapersada in cooperation with Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute (PM ELI) on 30 November 2020. Pama's team realized that pandemic has affected the way they need to run the business. The old way of work must be changed, as [...]

Agile and Scrum for Pamapersada2021-01-17T07:28:18+00:00