“Agile Jangan Salah Kaprah” for Artajasa


I feel honored to be a guest speaker for Artajasa on 6 November discussing about "The Misunderstood Agile" with over 100 attendees! We talked from software crisis, software development project challenges that caused by waterfall methodology, to agile manifesto. There are number of misconceptions on agile and its method, scrum. The goal of the event [...]

“Agile Jangan Salah Kaprah” for Artajasa2020-11-12T07:21:20+00:00

Digital Mindset for BNI (Batch 2)


Really honored to have this opportunity on Global Banking Program Batch 2 at BNI to talk about digital mindset to 29 Hi-Movers on 23 October 2020. We learned about how important digital mindset is for digital transformation, we need to start the right way! Then, we discussed about disruptive technology and its impact on our [...]

Digital Mindset for BNI (Batch 2)2020-10-26T23:53:51+00:00

Agile for CIMB Niaga (ODP)


Really happy to have the opportunity to talk about Agile to CIMB's employees on 15-17 October 2020 as part of their Officer Development Program (ODP). It was really fun to meet them and a great opportunity for them as well, to get to know about agile so early in their career. I hope they will [...]

Agile for CIMB Niaga (ODP)2020-10-18T08:31:54+00:00

Agile for CIMB Niaga (ITDP)


We had 3-half day Agile training for CIMB Niaga on 8-10 October 2020 organized by PT Sinergi Daya Mitra. It was a great moment to see so many agile enthusiasts from CIMB Niaga team who had learned that agile is not only about framework such as scrum and kanban, but also the mindset has to [...]

Agile for CIMB Niaga (ITDP)2020-10-13T02:28:16+00:00

Agile Workshop for Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology)


I feel honored to be facilitator in Agile Workshop for Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) on 7 October 2020. We discussed about agile manifesto and one of the most popular method, scrum framework. We learned to develop product backlog by creating user stories and also some techniques to prioritize them, and finally conduct [...]

Agile Workshop for Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology)2020-10-08T13:20:13+00:00